Ever feel like you just can’t explain where your money goes? You never really get to do anything special or amazing because the money doesn’t last that long and you can’t seem to put your finger on it…literally? Well, you just might be your own problem.

BUT DON’T WORRY! We’ll be bringing you 10 simple things you can do to save costs and cut expenses. We’ll group them into 5 major categories. The amazing thing is that these aren’t outrageous herculean tasks. Quite the contrary! They are things you probably just gloss over everyday and you pay for… literally.


No! This isn’t a revolution speech. We are talking about electricity. You would be shocked to discover that as much as 35% of the energy consumed by households is actually wasted. Let us translate this to cash. This means that if your electricity bill was N100,000 in a month, that N35,000 was actually wasted. By wasted, we don’t mean watching TV when you should be reading. No! We mean your couch was watching the TV whilst you were in the room taking a siesta.

So, here is a list of things that you should do to save power:

  1. Use Energy Saving bulbs and turn off /  unplug all appliances and lights when leaving the house.
  2. Stop cooling empty fridges / freezers.


Another thing that can rack up your expenses is your shopping habit. Yes! You heard right. Your shopping habits could add a couple more zeros to your monthly expenses if you don’t put it on a leash. Most stores are designed in such a way that they just draw you in; from the display of the products to the fact that the prices are discounted, etc. 

We are going to show you how to make sure your taste isn’t too expensive and still doesn’t lose its savor.

  1. Buy in bulk (wholesale is still cheaper than the most discounted retail), pay at once as well, go with a list and stick to the items on the list.
  2. Sign up for rewards or loyalty programs with your most frequented stores.


Remember the saying; “the best things in life are free”? Well, it just might be right. We’ll show you how exploring these free things could save you some extra cash.

  1. When thirsty, drink water. It’s healthier and cheaper. Also try out DIY (Do It Yourself) gifts for people instead. It’s really all about the thought.
  2. Declutter and donate. If done right, you can deduct it from your tax (bet you didn’t know that).


Yes! You should play hard to get. Not romantically, but for those ads and displayed products that keep getting you. We understand that not all purchases are planned, but, before you whip out your Debit/ Credit card to pay for that unplanned purchase, try these things first:

  1. Ask yourself how often you’ll need this appliance / product, and if you’re getting the best deals.. If it’s a one-off or once-in-a-blue-moon thing, then consider borrowing or leasing it instead.
  2. Sleep on it. Don’t make impulse purchases. You might discover that you don’t need it after waiting for about 2 days. Worst case scenario? You might get a discount coupon from the seller.


It is as simple as it sounds. A lot of people are subscribed to internet plans, streaming services or maybe newsletter / magazine subscriptions that they hardly make use of. These in turn rack up the seemingly little deductions that sum up hundreds of thousands of naira monthly. So here are a couple of things that you could do to help you sieve out the excesses.

  1. Find out when last you used your subscriptions. Do you need to keep them running? Or can you cancel and resubscribe when you need them again?
  2. Find out if you are on the most cost-effective plan for you. Or if you are on the most cost effective network / platform. You’ll be surprised that you might just be burning more cash on a plan that you don’t fully utilise.

So, these are some quick everyday tips that you could start implementing right now to save you some extra thousands. Don’t wait another second. Start right now! If you need any extra help, then feel free to lean on your financial partner. 

We are completely committed to helping you LIVE YOUR DREAM.

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